The Night’s Whispers

I held my breath and balled up my fist

ready for a fight I can’t resist

Anger, frustration, who can I blame?

My fist fell limp as I failed the game.

Some days are longer than those before

Forever waiting for what’s in store.

Tired of patience and this long life

Words and manners meant only for strife.

So I took a long walk at midnight

to try and make this fallen world right.

Escape from drama into relief

The quiet calm of my own belief.

Refreshing tingle of midnight air

Sparkling hope across the sky bare

Heavens declare the glory of God

Here I could lose the built-up façade.

The floor welcomed me the traveler

As I paused to hear the night’s whisper

There is no fear in love—perfect love

Who can serve two masters, fear or love?

Battering rams they violently tore

Messages, curses, and more and more,

Chipping away at innocent youth;

I saw them dissolve ‘neath springs of truth

For of the abundance of His heart,

The heavens speak love and fears depart

The night’s whisper yelled in the silence

Shifting my focus to future-tense.

I left my bed of other-world grace

Blessing that time and this awe-filled place

Escaped from drama into relief,

The quiet calm of my own belief

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