Living Place


When the sun decided to take a nap that day,

Dark clouds winked at each other and came out to play.

The ocean lost all of its control,

As the tide started to dance to rock and roll.


Let’s have some fun, the wind told the sea,

Let’s shake up that salt and go on a spree.

We’ll find something warm and find something dry,

We’ll throw away our talents on something nearby.


The sea smiled at such antics as this,

The wind and he rarely went too far amiss.

And just above the raindrops came

Filling the sea with boldness and scheme.


Little seven year old Marie Fleming,

Was out on a raft, dreaming, fantasizing.

When all of a sudden the water overtook her,

Kicking and spluttering the world went a blur.


When of compassion the sun did awake,

He swore to make the wind and sea ache.

So first he shone so bright and so hot,

That the sea turned into one big melting pot.


Little Marie scrambled back on the raft,

Open faced, brazen she started to laugh.

The wind and sea met each other in steam

So suddenly, so sharp that the wind gave a scream.


Little Marie felt the wind right beside her,

Giving her the ride of her life, as it were.

When safe on shore little Marie did sprawl,

The sun did lessen its glare on them all.


The clouds stopped crying and the wind rolled the sea

A warm breeze flew in over little Marie.

She sat right up and grabbed hold her wood,

‘How dare you try and give me the flood!’

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