have you ever?


Have you ever spent an hour just looking at art?

Feeling so small, you become a part,

of something bigger,

something better,




Look at that curve, that intricate pebble–

ornate and standoffish it serves as a rebel.

The rocks, the trees, the infinite leaves

Tell their own twisted story.

Some faraway land, some faraway band.

Wondrous rapture falling into a glorious capture

it’s there

don’t you see?


don’t wonder,

turn all fears asunder

Discover your soul in the eyes of another.

Breathe, leave, your heart on your sleeve.

Expose, uncover, believe and create

Gazing into the soul of a stranger’s heart

Echoes of your own thoughts progress

In one line they’ve found true beauty

Beautifully curious, wonderfully strange

There’s a glimpse of the story in that

small, etched-in name

You’ll see your face in their heart’s disgrace.

Such poetry in motion leave senses complete,

A power upon which could never deplete

An hour does not do so much justice

As a lifetime of observance,

But try, my friend,

my brother,

dig in.

Have you ever spent an hour


looking at art?









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