stream of consciousness a.1

i’m pulling from the veins

where blood runs thickest

show me how to hold onto the reigns

instead of watching them trail behind me

find me

alone in myself

the pain

your stain

has left on my heart


i need to be saved


the thoughts within

the hate that lurks

the love that drowns

the sense of life in whelming proximity

the entire magnanimity

a word, a bird

of hope inside

it flies with lies inside my pride


Where is the love?

its there?

who cares.

not me, not i,

although i try

this story

it bores me


i wish i were free

to be

not me

but THEE.


i scrounge

i’ve found

the words evolve

from love.


Don’t fuse don’t mix, please, please

don’t reminisce.

A thought can lie

as it passes you by.

The door it creaks underneath my feet

i laugh, i cry, i nearly lost it

the hunch, not lunch– it never survives



my likes, my dislikes, my all

till next time, the best time, when fear comes to call

if i try harder if i find i can’t barter

i never was too good at shopping.

expensive taste can hurt your face

but nobody likes a sore loser.

Aha, she gets it–her pillow confessed it

I’ll hold on until it can die.





One thought on “stream of consciousness a.1

  1. That’s really cool, Molly. It wraps you up in each word. It leaves you wondering whether or not “Aha, she gets it” refers to you or not. Very beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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