A Foodie

You ask why i take a foodie, as if the answer weren’t clear.

A foodie is BEAUTY in its most delicious form.

You see,

it is food that I eat at breakfast,

it is food I devour at tea

I brink it to work, sit down with a spork,

and nibble it with my coffee.

It’s fruity, it’s soupy, it’s sushi @noon.


Oh, this difference between us

is such that

I stop to smell the


Mashed and buttered, with pepper and cream.

Sprinkled with bacon and lemony steam.


A foodie is like, life.

A culture gone horribly, right!

It’s an American dream, an Indian spice,

Italian dressing and a hint of that YumYum sauce.

It is, you see, a menagerie

of culture! And a pic can display

this beauty forever and ever

and ever


in the end, really, um, you’ll see

that, uh,

this burger! those fries, that curry and rye

all give me this…joy!

And, you’ll see,

 a much happier me,

because of this yummy, delicious, super nutritious

wonderfully astounding and all around dazzling:


So though you mayn’t remotely know how it feels,

to capture a moment

of innocent bliss

in a chocolatey Hersheys kiss,


the melodramatic feeling you get from

a vegetarian gumbo,

laced with sadness, decorated in gladness.

It still gives me the happies

when I snap the foodie-appies.

Ummmmm, yum!


when I whip up a picture and flash a big smile,

then gradually, slowly,

in a little while,

you might come around.

Turn that judgy frown




upside down,

and give me a like, a follow, a love

a hate comment, a mad face, or an “unfollow this grub!”

Guess what!

Don’t really care.

Coz all I need is a camera a chair,

some food and some flair,

My picture it will be

like Campbell-soup-Andy!

Don’t you even deny it.

I do what I love,

and I love what I do.

Goodbye my pride,

think now’s a good time to hide.



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