Fear is Real

Conflict in real life

is much harsher than words

the churning pain, the fleeting agony,

it’s an all too familiar cacophony.

The fear that rises in swells is

an ocean

washing in waves of nauseous expectation.

Inept and Insecure

I’m left

to face

these fears


A deep breath may help

to calm my shaking hands


Drama makes for 1 good story


1 good story stomps on present glory.

These sparks of


An overused word

for this paralyzing emotion.


Fear of Failure

Inadequate, small

Words paint pictures,

so beautiful at times,

but I find, no matter the rhyme

It’s never

as vivid

as the real thing.

A rational mind and a heart of stone

can still be broken when left alone

in a second of intense




awareness of life and its proximity

the smallness of self and self-ability

Perspective is good when the glass is half-full;

but why fool with a glass

when you’re up to your neck in the river?

The glass it cracks

and washes itself home.

Your thoughts, again, are left

to roam.

Your thoughts

they mock.

I can hear them SHOUT,

tripping over each other in a mad rush 

to be heard.



Don’t worry,

I know

how I’m supposed to play this game

my strategy ain’t apathy

it’s a head on collision

a direct affront.

Face it don’t chase it,

a headache tastes better







































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