Don’t be a Social Chameleon

Sometimes we are content to absorb

ideas, politics, convictions,

a way of life within an American dream.


Opinions over preference

turns individuals into groups.

Groups in the same trap of turning their brains ON

and their hearts OFF.

Don’t be a social chameleon!

Listen to the sound of your own music,

turn the white noise OFF.

Accept your history,

get your hands dirty.

There’s no shame in Converse,

no pride in the brand name.

Ten, twenty, thirty and five,

sell your soul for a stranger’s jive.

Ray-Banz, Starbucks, American Eagle waistlines,

An Apple watch and a ticket to ride

Country is twangy and pop suggestive,

the mind fickle and the heart addictive.

We’re all in a snowstorm, and this heart caught a blizzard

Yes and no look the same everywhere we go.

Unplug, rewind, refocus, and just


Life is what you make it

no more, no less


Chasing after a stranger’s dream

it drags you further and further away from home.

Wherever you go,

whatever you do

Forge your own path, follow your own convictions.

Better yet, make your own convictions!

Take the time, go ahead,

do it!

We have the choice, you and i.

Gifted to us from a Maker we don’t fully comprehend,

but one who loves us

more than we will ever know.

So don’t, don’t, don’t be a social chameleon

Take a step independent of this show you’ve been performing,

a step filled with audacity and courage,

a step that will form the person that you will become.

A step of faith

that’s all it takes, just one,

so go on,

do it!

What’s stopping you?










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