They Say//My Belief//Your Voice

You care about me, at least,

that’s what they say.


They say a lot of things;


don’t we all?


This shirt,

this dress,

that hair,

that doll-

perfect replicas of an imperfect wall.


The madness is a weight

falling heavy on my plate.


Ambition, dreams, goals, success,

a looming fog, an abstract mess.


A Brave New World,

thick under clouds,

an unsightly beast of thoughtless collaboration


I exist.


Independent in thought where my mind is concerned.

I look for a light to guide me in this storm.


You are a voice in the mist,

joined to them in siren-like propensity.


From the dark there rises

a beacon of light from a house of thought.

The warmth of hope trickles through me,

igniting a flame that sparks life in my plea.

I exist to create

in a world rimmed with fate.


You don’t need me.


Yet I need you.


A moment of time is all it will take

to dispel the world my rhyme my stake.

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