Pathway 1.9 The Deep Desire of a Satirical Thinker

In a word, conflict.


To have a desire is not an admirable thing. It means that you are not content with where you are, right here, right now.


To have a desire is to branch out beyond the realm of the known into the greener grass of the neighborhood. The sun is shining, yet the wind blows fierce. Spring without growth has nothing to boast. The face of sleep, warm and inviting, holds charms for the fighting, the weak at the knees.


Yet here we sit upon couches of velvet. Stretching our toes and begging for more. Entrapped beneath the weight of oppression. Liquid gold that we never see stretches our horizons to the front door. Amazing how well we can exist.


A desire is a dangerous thing. It means rebellion against what you have been told. It runs contrary to everything we are told to fight against. Entrapped behind service, alone among family, drunk upon luxury. Sitting, standing, stretching, stop.



How does it feel?



To feel a flicker in the recess of the night. When the darkness entraps and emotions escalate, the desire to breathe is a dangerous thing. Torn between morality as both sides stand firm. To state a fact and burn a bridge. When you chose home and home chose you, the iron bars were stronger than you knew.


Enjoy your feast and don’t lift your eyes; the oppressive cries will haunt your waking hours.


Contentment is found in a steady constant. A steady constant unaffected by the swirls of uncertainty.


Steady constant, singular.


Desire, plural.


In the balance of life, the scales tip back and forth. Here and there without rhyme or reason. The steady constant holds justice, mercy, and wisdom. Desire holds both ends of the scales. The current, the future, the past and the time. Holding you captive for hours on end. Jacob wrestled with God.


Don’t you? Oh yes, to desire is a very dangerous thing.

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