Where Dreams Float Aimlessly

The darkness was a space 
where dreams floated aimlessly.
She walked the bridge, 
a candle her only light.
The menacing smile
attacked her calm despair.
It wasn't real...
this underworld mystery.
Yet in it she saw
the statue
of herself.
Lost inside she turned to stone,
her hand upon the empty tomb.
Watered down thoughts-->
her candle started to flicker.
This redhead had some dread
she longed for
she did not know.
When the candle stopped 
her world was plunged 
in darkness.
Her breath held, her hand
she saw
the space in front of her.
Incomparable depths to the places created,
the feelings translated,
to infinite dread.
Yet in her home
she dared not roam
some things should just
be left

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